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Name:Truck ScaleBack
Spec: 10t、20t、30t、40t、50t、60t、80t、100t、120t、150t

n Digital indicator and digital column load cell of stainless steel construction, made by Flintec  in Germany
n A series of standard modules for combination
n U-shaped steel structure and channel steel structure optional

Digital series
n    Interface RS232
n    Connection up to 16 digital load cells
n    Automatic diagnosis and error indication,anti cheating,easy to maintenance
n    A series of standard ,modular platforms for combination,total length :7-24m
n    Capacity :10-150t, width of standard platform :3m or 3.4m
n    Compensates imbalance load on a platform or between platforms by manual/automatic adjustment on the indicator face,digital calibration as well as conventional calibration
n    Automatically collects data from single load cell and compare data from load cells of different platforms to each other in order to detect imbalance loaded platforms
n  Storing 256 weighing receipts,256 memos of vehicle numbers and material codes,data protection ≥50000 h when power off

Analogue series

n   Capacities 10-150t, width of standard platform:3m or 3.4m

n   Display of tare,net,gross,over load and under load digitally

n   Digital filtering,zero tracking,taring,keyboard setting/calibrating

n   Storage of vehicle number and tare weight,group summing,automatic diagnosis

n   A series of standard ,modular platforms for combination,total length :7-24m