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Name:OCS-JD Multi Functional Short Type Container SpreaderBack
Fields:Port\Railway\container yard
Spec: 1t~40t

Unique design of container spreader, combining the function of crane scale and imbalance load measurement instrument.
n  Specially designed non power-driven spreader with rigid frame structure,can move a container freely over two layers of containers
n  Easy to use,no change to existing way of operation ,just replace the original non power-driven spreader directly

A new type of digital container spreader ,combining the function of crane scale, imbalance load measuring instrument and data management system, enables container handling in a safer and more efficiently way.


u  Easy to use: operation as same as original non power-driven container spreader

u  Short type spreader :   0.5-0.8m less in height, allow more room for container handling. For instance, while lifting a container, the gantry crane of 20feet 30ton can move freely over two layers of containers.

u  Automatic weighing: the weight of container is displayed automatically ,sparing the time-consuming weighing by platform scale or crane scale.

u  Digital imbalance load measurement :alarm is sent if the deviation value exceeds the preset threshold ,a scientific way to detect on-site imbalance load.

u  Advanced data management: wireless data transfer and storage ,shift report, historic data search, upload to network.

u  Breaking strength :300% of capacity

u  Wireless transmission : not less than 200m in open area

u  Variety of model Optional : 20feet,40feet,45feet etc.