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Name:COU-C Container Overweight and Imbalance Load Measurement SystemBack
Fields:Port/Railway/Container yard
Spec: 1t~40t

Container Overweight and Imbalance Load Measurement System
Designed specially for gantry crane at port,yard ,railway warehouse  

Container is widely used in transportation industry ,either in marine import&export shipment,or domestic shipment by water or railway. Container weighing directly concerned with freight charge.The illicit activity of covering overloaded goods results in less collection of tax and fee by the relevant authority.The imbalance loaded container could pose a threat to the transportation safety. COU-C is the modern solution to container overweight and imbalance load.Our patented COU-C is specially designed for gantry crane which is most commonly used in transshipment of containers.

After the crane lifts the container,the weighing instrument receives the signal from the 4 pcs load cells installed in the moving dolly,directly or through connection box. Then the signal is amplified , converted digitally and calculated .After the software process the data,the weight and deviation value of the container will be on display.

n  C3high precision load cell,ideal for container weighing
  Accuracy  static :0.1%   dynamic:0.5%
n  Optional weighing or weighing plus imbalance load testing
n  Easy installation ,no change to existing monitoring instrument
n  Photoelectric  alarm over imbalance load and overload
n  Electronic calibration optional
n  Stainless steel load cell housing, weld sealing(IP68),water proof, anti dust and erosion
n  Standard RS232 serial port,RS485 or 4-20mA output optional
n  testing and calibrating using specially designed software