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Name: Container Overweight and Imbalance Load Measurement SystemBack
Fields:Port Railway Container yard
Spec: 1t~40t

n  Detection of railway transportation safety risk caused by overweight and imbalance loaded container
n  Solution for container over load and imbalance load
n  Monitoring of  unqualified load, addressing safety problem at the origin

Technical Data
n  Accuracy Guidelines
For System : ±
For Imbalance Weight : ±40kg
     For Imbalance Load: ±
n  Accuracy Class:Max=60t

n  Software installed in industrial PC is reliable and easy to use.
n  The system measures and displays the weight and side load of the container as well as distribution of imbalance weight and load.
     It also reports weighing time,company name and its vehicle and container type (
40ft or 20ft   ).
n  The weighing data is classified automatically in terms of container size,customer name and load qualified or not.
n  Large database enables  long time storage of data.
n  The weighing data can be downloaded ,transferred and printed out at any time.
n  Automatic alarm for overload ,imbalance weight and load.
n  Through digital calibration and software check  is ensured the accuracy and reliability of the system.
n  Multiple COU systems can be networked to facilitate management.
n  Standard RS232 serial port,RS485 or 4-20mA output optional.
n   testing and calibrating using specially designed software.