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Name:Wheel Loader ScaleBack
Fields:Railway bureaus \ Coastal ports \ Inland ports \ Mines
Spec: 5t、10t、15t、20t、30t
■ Fully dynamic weighing--unmaned control weighing
■ All directions angle compensation--higher accuracy
■ Eliminate overload and underload
■ Accurate,reliable,approved for commercial weighing
■ Convenient and easy to use
■ Weighing while loading,increases operational efficiency
■ Works with all loader types
■ Fast,flexible invoicing  

ZXY—CZ wheel loader scale is a safe investment for years to come.Knowing your wheel loader is loaded correctly before you leave the load site saves time and money.Thanks to the digital and angle compensation technology,accurate weighing result is guaranteed in all working conditions.

■ 7''TFT color LED touch screen, smart,friendly,easy to use.
■ Large log memory and memory for the weighing related information.
■ USB is used as standard for data transfer.
■ Versatile reports can be created from the saved data to facilitate management.
■ Fully dynamic weighing enables efficiency greatly increased.
■ Can be upgraded according to customers'particular need.
■ Alternative working modes are selectable for different loading requirements.
■ Short load display ensures desired loads.
■ The centralized server can control and manage several distant locations through GPRS technology.  
■  Fully digital technology--load cell,converter,microprocessor,USB,GPRS net