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Name:Grab Bucket ScaleBack
Spec: 3t、5t、8t、10t、15t、20t
OCS  Grab Bucket Scale


n  Suitable for automatic loading  and weighing of bulk material  in port,railway and mine

n  Eliminate overload and under load

n  Control from initial stage,real time management


Feature and Technical Data

n  There are multiple retrofit modes available,which are not subject to the lifting height and are easy to use and maintain.

n  Apply new technologies in indicator design,enabling weighing results more accurate,reliable and of high precision.

n  Dedicated sensors are adopted,which make loading distribution more rational.

n  Accuracy  for static OIML III

             For dynamic 5%-10%

n  Display shows time and date which are protected during power off.

n  Build in(or add separately) micro printer for printing small size report.

n  Zero tracking

n  Overload alarming

n  Automatic data collection at preset weighing position

n  Real time weighing data display

n  Automatic adding to total

n  Data printing

n  Automatic taring

n  Wireless data transfer,software management