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Name:Silo ScaleBack
Spec: 0.5t、1t、2t、5t
■ DCS   Silo Scale

n  Widely used at warehouse of mine,port and railway

n  Bulk material automatic loading while weighing at the same time

n  Eliminate overweight and underweight

n  Control from the initial stage,real time management


Feature and Technical data

Indicator resolution :1/1000

n  System accuracy : for initial calibration 5%, for truck loading 5%-10%

n  Preset loading range

n  Automatic taring

n  Setting and locking of indicator parameters

n  Zero tracking

n  Low and high load limit warning

n  Modular structure: The system contains several  subsystems for data collecting which can run independently

n  For short modification time and at low cost ,the modified system is stable and reliable

n  Application for high temperature, powder and strong magnetic industry environment

n  Adopting software and hardware fault tolerance techniques, ensuring correct data transmission

n  Self check-up and secondary verification

n  Error display